Why invisalign doctor site Succeeds

Why invisalign doctor site Succeeds

It’s a that’s a really fine line and you hit it right on the head the last thing of it that I need to do is crush anyone they’ll hold them back but what I feel like my biggest job is in my mentoring of my doctors is to help them get to the point in their career.

Where they can make decisions about the things they want to add to there beyond the core requirements their job so to me for any dentist that it’s going to work for me I see a few things that are important to their core skill set basic restorative come on that’s but they serve amazing restore fillings and coatings Fillies CEREC crowns because again we’re a CEREC office.

Nothing gets sent to the lab unless we don’t have the physical equipment to do it so zoo Konya crowns and a couple of the offices those things they have to be very proficient with that I expect everyone to be able to do at the very least access a tooth for endo at the very least access to the tooth put a file in it and.

Get the person feeling a little bit better the very least you’re not comfortable completing an upper second molar on somebody that can’t open all the way I understand that that’s not the the point of this but being proficient at endo and comfortable doing that and.

Then finally extractions okay being profession at extract so repeat those for me again basic restorative meaning fillings yes CEREC crowns at least access root canals yeah so starts to get people out of pain yep and then take out teeth yes okay I gotta sound that hard it doesn’t and to me that sounds like the the core requirements of being a dentist.

So what if somebody wants to come to your practice and do implants that’s great do they show me show me that you have the training let’s let’s walk through an implant let’s see let’s pretend walk through an implant you show me how you would set up for an implant case show me the surgical plan that you have on account being talk to me about the leave.

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