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Finding a standout wedding or anniversary gift can be a daunting task. It is such a well-known and monumental problem that there are lists of the type of gifts to give on each specific year. We all know that the 25th year is the Silver Anniversary and 50th is Gold. Making those gifts amazing shouldn’t be that difficult.However, how do you make the Paper Anniversary (First) or Photos (51st) special and memorable? The standard gifts which have been exchanged over the years might seem too mundane to a modern couple.It just takes a little thought to make the gift meaningful and personal. Customizing an anniversary or wedding gift is the key to making your gifts memorable and precious. When you are creative, the traditional gift can really become elegant, thoughtful, sentimental, and timeless.

wedding anniversary gifts

One way to make sure your gift is truly unique is to go the handmade route. Handmade gifts are available in all shapes and sizes. Moreover, such gifts add a distinctive touch. Not the crafty type? You can visit retailers that specialize in handmade wares, or even attend a local craft show or artisan’s gallery. The second anniversary (cotton) or fifth (wood) anniversaries wedding anniversary gifts especially lend themselves to going the handmade route. If you crochet, a cotton afghan made for two would be an especially excellent example of a handmade gift.You can take any handmade gift and customize it with a personalized tag or monogrammed engraving. The traditional gift for the 15th anniversary is crystal. What could be more personalized than a set of crystal goblets with the couple’s name and wedding date etched into them? Silver or gold is also suited to engraving.

Photo gifts are a favorite way to offer a one-of-a-kind gift. Now that you know the 51st Anniversary is the Photo Anniversary, I have no doubt you could find an endless number of photos that could be incorporated into a personal and unique gift to commemorate a couple’s journey together. A photo gift could be used for a first anniversary by turning a wedding photo into customized stationery.The key to giving the best personalized gift is to keep it personal and always keep the couple’s unique interests in mind.

wedding anniversary gifts

What are their tastes? What do they like? Make sure the gift you choose reflects these things. For example, if it is a 17th Anniversary (Wine and Spirits), but you know that neither person drinks, avoid a bottle of wine.