How To Learn Microsoft Office Excel


What is Microsoft Office Excel training? Excel is one of the most commonly used office applications in Microsoft Office applications. Used widely for all kinds of business document preparation, data analysis, financial preparation, marketing planning, contact management, and more, Excel is an essential tool for many disciplines. Learn more about Excel from this eBook.

This eBook covers the basics of Microsoft Office Excel training and PowerPoint training, as well as other Office applications. The main focus of this course is to teach Excel users how to use the commonly used formulas, such as IF/ELSE, FOR / IF- ELSE, and BOTOO. The course also introduces learners to some of the more advanced features, such as PivotTables, Charts, and Gauge.

There are a number of different training courses available on the web today. Some are free, while others require purchasing software. My advice is for beginners looking for a free course to start with, go with Learn Excel With These Free Training Courses (link is below). A number of web-based training courses also exist. Just do a search on Google for these courses.

The course Learn Microsoft Office Excel: Master the Tools, Create Better Business Pages, and More! is the first of two training courses presented in a series for Microsoft Office Excel users. This course was created by Microsoft Office Specialist Robin Dennison. Robin has been a professional instructor in the fields of educational technology and Microsoft Office products for over 10 years. The course was developed to help people who want to learn more about Excel and other Office products learn more quickly by using interactive, hands-on learning methods that are designed to get students immediate results.

The second course Learn Microsoft Office PowerPoint is another quick and easy way to learn Microsoft Office PowerPoint. This course is provided as a downloadable course. In this course, students will learn how to quickly create, customize, move, and highlight slides within PowerPoint. Throughout this course students will learn how to add, edit, save, and share graphics, photographs, and text. Once the course is over you will be provided a password so you can access all the online classes and instructor webinars.

For more detailed training courses that are delivered over a period of weeks or months, there is a course called Excel Training for Newbies. This course is designed by Holly Griffith. Microsoft has teamed up with Adobe in this course. This course is aimed at beginners who have little to no experience with Microsoft Office products. The topics covered include using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.

If you are an existing Microsoft Office user, you may wish to consider a course called Microsoft Office Professional. Which is more advanced and directed for levels above beginner level. This course is designed by Philip B. Crosby, who is a Microsoft Certified Trainer. This course is aimed at experienced Microsoft Office users who have little or no experience with Office products. The topics covered in this course include using Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.