Understanding The Background Of Repair Plumbing

Installed which most of you will probably so inches out and in the center at least inches from either edge so you basically just drill a four inch hole drop this thing in screw it on but what it goes what goes under this is what we’re going to talk about how I didst which is kind of the most simplest way I think is I just used a long sweep connecting it to my -inch drain pipe and glued in a a toilet flange into the top so this part here was below the floor and the toilet flange came down onto of the floor into this pipe was glued and it’s a done.

Deal so that’s how I did it works great you know these these rings are stainless or should lasts good long time you can actually get repair kits for these rings even this does rust out there’s like other rings you can put over the top of them so there’s ways around that the plastic part should never go bad so this I think is a great a great way of doing it now another way to do it which i thinks kind of left over from the cast-iron days is to use what’s known as a closet now why do they call this a closet adapter closet this or closet that closet short.

For a water closet it’s kind of a repair plumbing term toilet so thesis a closet and this happens to be street version so the top of this thesis four-inch and this is obviously-inch over here this four inch piece is as exactly the same size as a piece of four inch PVC pipe so it’s a street you remember Street it’s treated Street fittings are the same way you can get this that’s not a street fitting so it was not a street fitting you could takes piece of -inch pipe and glue it inside of this but this particular one-you can’t do that you can repair my plumbing only glue four-inch fittings.

over the top of it but you would mount this under the floor just like you would you know long sweep the advantage is you have a lot of different options on how you want to do the top so one way if you get an on street version is you could actually glue a short piece of -inch pipe inhere have it sticking above the.

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